Prayer Point #16 – Fear Deliverance


Psalm 34:4 – “I sought the LORD, and he heard me, and delivered me from all my fears.”

When David wrote this Psalm, his life was in turmoil. David was on the run from King Saul who desired to kill him. David’s crime? He was chosen of God to be the next king of Israel, as God was going to dismiss the lineage of Saul from the throne. David, a man who had a heart for God, strove to behave himself wisely, but Saul’s jealousy could not be quenched. David found himself running for his life to the point he ran to the Philistines to find refuge a couple times with no avail! During this period of time though, God was making David into the man He wanted David to be so that he would handle the responsibilities & privileges of his future kingship in a righteous way.

We all experience fears from the trials we face. Maybe we are like David, trying to do right, but somebody is out to get us. Or maybe we are facing daunting circumstances or problematic scenarios that leave us awake at night. During David’s days of running, I believe David learned an important truth about God that he would have to use many times as a King. That truth was simply this; that God could be sought for relief! God doesn’t want us to live stressed out lives, instead he desires to aid us and deliver us from our fears. The Bible tells us 366 times, “Fear not.” If we’ll take our fears to the Lord, He can help us deal with them. Somebody once said, “God either calms the storm or calms His child.” Are you overrun with fears today? Then you are a prime candidate to find relief from the Lord. He wants each of us to bring our fears to him as David did and find relief in Him.




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